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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Undisclosed orders and optimal submission strategies in a limit order market 1-gen-2013 S., Buti; Rindi, Barbara JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL ECONOMICS -
Undocumented Immigrants in Milan: Evidence from Naga Records 1-gen-2006 Devillanova, Carlo; T., Frattini - -
Unemployment and child health during COVID-19 in the USA 1-gen-2020 Parolin, Zachary THE LANCET PUBLIC HEALTH -
Unemployment Duration and the Interactions between Unemployment Compensation and Social Assistance. 1-gen-2005 Pellizzari, Michele LABOUR ECONOMICS Elsevier BV:PO Box 211, 1000 AE Amsterdam Netherlands:011 31 20 4853757, 011 31 20 4853642, 011 31 20 4853641, EMAIL: nlinfo-f@elsevier.nl, INTERNET: http://www.elsevier.nl, Fax: 011 31 20 4853598
Unemployment fiscal multipliers 1-gen-2010 Monacelli, Tommaso; Perotti, Roberto; Trigari, Antonella JOURNAL OF MONETARY ECONOMICS -
Unemployment fluctuations with staggered Nash wage bargaining 1-gen-2009 Gertler, Mark; Trigari, Antonella JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY -
Unemployment fluctuations, match quality, and the wage cyclicality of new hires 1-gen-2020 Gertler, Mark; Huckfeldt, Chris; Trigari, Antonella THE REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STUDIES -
Unemployment insurance and reservation wages: evidence from administrative data 1-gen-2019 Le Barbanchon, Thomas; Rathelot, Roland; Roulet, Alexandra JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMICS -
Unemployment resistance across EU regions: the role of technological and human capital 1-gen-2021 Cappelli, Riccardo; Montobbio, Fabio; Morrison, Andrea JOURNAL OF EVOLUTIONARY ECONOMICS -
Unequal unions? A comparative decomposition of income inequality in the European Union and United States 1-gen-2019 Filauro, Stefano; Parolin, Zachary JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN SOCIAL POLICY -
Unequal we stand: An empirical analysis of economic inequality in the United States, 1967–2006 1-gen-2010 Jonathan, Heathcote; Perri, Fabrizio; Giovanni L., Violante REVIEW OF ECONOMIC DYNAMICS -
The unexpected enjoyment of expected events: the suboptimal consumption of televised sports 1-gen-2008 Nelson, Leif; Galak, Jeff; Vosgerau, Joachim - (seleziona...)
Unexpected upper critical dimension for spin glass models in a field predicted by the loop expansion around the Bethe solution at zero temperature 1-gen-2022 Angelini, Maria Chiara; Lucibello, Carlo; Parisi, Giorgio; Perrupato, Gianmarco; Ricci-Tersenghi, Federico; Rizzo, Tommaso PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS -
Unexplored dimensions of discrimination 1-gen-2015 Boeri, Tito; Patacchini, Eleonora; Peri, Giovanni - Oxford University Press
Unfair terms 1-gen-2009 Scarso, ALESSANDRO PIETRO - CEDAM, Padova
Unfair terms control in business-to-business contracts 1-gen-2019 Patti, Francesco Paolo THE ITALIAN LAW JOURNAL -
The unfinished harmonization of the accounting law in the EU 1-gen-2016 Strampelli, Giovanni; Passador, Maria Lucia - Kluwer Academic Publishers
Unfolding Social Hierarchies 1-gen-2000 VEGA-REDONDO, Fernando JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY -
Unhealthy diets, obesity and time discounting: a systematic literature review and network analysis 1-gen-2016 Barlow, Pepita; Reeves, Aaron; Mckee, Martin; Galea, Gauden; Stuckler, David OBESITY REVIEWS -
Unification in Financial Sector Supervision: The Trade Off between Central Bank and Single Authority 1-gen-2004 Masciandaro, Donato JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL REGULATION AND COMPLIANCE Bradford: Emerald Group. 1993-
Mostrati risultati da 26.686 a 26.705 di 27.834
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