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Nature of the Relationship between International Expansion and Performance: The Case of Emerging Market Firms 1-gen-2007 F. J., Contractor; Kumar, Vikas; S., Kundu JOURNAL OF WORLD BUSINESS JAI Press / Elsevier Science:655 Avenue of the Americas:New York, NY 10010:(212)633-3730, EMAIL: usinfo-f@elsevier.com, INTERNET: http://www.jaipress.com, Fax: (212)633-3679, (212)633-3820
Internationalization and Performance of Indian Pharmaceutical Firms 1-gen-2008 Kumar, Vikas; N., Singh THUNDERBIRD INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW -
Internationalization of Retail Banks: A Micro-Level Study of the Multinationality-Performance Relationship 1-gen-2008 Venzin, Markus; Kumar, Vikas; J., Kleine MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL REVIEW Gabler Verlag:Abraham Lincoln Strasse 46, D-65189 Wiesbaden Germany:011 49 611 78780, EMAIL: gabler.service@bertelsmann.de, alexander.ebel@bertelsmann.de, INTERNET: http://www.gabler-online.de, Fax: 011 49 611 7878423
Impact of Ownership and Location Factors on Service Multinationals’ Internalization 1-gen-2008 S., Kundu; Kumar, Vikas; S., Peters THE SERVICE INDUSTRIES JOURNAL Frank Cass & Company Limited:Crown House, 47 Chaseside, Southgate N14 5BP United Kingdom:011 44 20 89202100, EMAIL: jnlsubs@frankcass.com, INTERNET: http://www.frankcass.com, Fax: 011 44 20 84478548
Debate: Does Nationality Still Matter 1-gen-2008 Kumar, Vikas EUROPEAN BUSINESS FORUM -
The performance of business group firms during institutional transition: a longitudinal study of Indian firms 1-gen-2008 Kumar, Vikas; Pedersen, Torben; Zattoni, Alessandro - -
The Performance of Group-affiliated Firmsduring Institutional Transition: A LongitudinalStudy of Indian Firms 1-gen-2009 Zattoni, Alessandro; Pedersen, Torben; Kumar, Vikas CORPORATE GOVERNANCE -
International diversification, business group affiliation and firm performance: Empirical evidence from India 1-gen-2009 A. S., Gaur; Kumar, Vikas BRITISH JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT Blackwell Publishing Limited:9600 Garsington Road, Oxford OX4 2DQ United Kingdom:011 44 1865 776868 , (781)388-8200, EMAIL: agentservices@oxon.blackwellpublishing.com, e-help@blackwellpublishers.co.uk, INTERNET: http://www.blackwellpublishing.com, Fax: 011 44 1865 714591
What drives firms to internationalise from emerging to developed economies? A qualitive study of european and asian firms. 1-gen-2010 Kumar, Vikas; Annouchkina, Olga; Dubini, Paola - XXX
Entry modes and dynamics 1-gen-2010 Kumar, Vikas; Annouchkina, Olga - Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
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