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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Subdominant dense clusters allow for simple learning and high computational performance in neural networks with discrete synapses 1-gen-2015 Baldassi, Carlo; Ingrosso, Alessandro; Lucibello, Carlo; Saglietti, Luca; Zecchina, Riccardo PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS -
Subelliptic and parametric equations on carnot groups 1-gen-2016 Molica Bisci, Giovanni; Ferrara, Massimiliano PROCEEDINGS OF THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY -
Subexponential LPs approximate Max-Cut 1-gen-2020 Hopkins, Samuel B.; Schramm, Tselil; Trevisan, Luca - (seleziona...)
The subject of pain is the business I am in. Louise Bourgeois and the Iconography of hysteria: reclaiming the visibility of pain 1-gen-2019 EQUI PIERAZZINI, Marta IKON -
Subjective Expected Utility in Games 1-gen-2008 DI TILLIO, Alfredo THEORETICAL ECONOMICS -
Subjects of International Law 1-gen-2018 O'Keefe, Roger - LexisNexis
Sublinear functionals and prices 1-gen-2007 Castagnoli, Erio; Favero, Gino - Aracne
Submarine trademarks 1-gen-2022 Fink, Carsten; Fosfuri, Andrea; Helmers, Christian; Myers, Amanda F. JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT STRATEGY -
Subpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plot (STEPP) analysis for continuous, binary, and count outcomes 1-gen-2016 Yip, Wai Ki; Bonetti, Marco; Cole, Bernard F.; Barcella, William; Wang, Xin Victoria; Lazar, Ann; Gelber, Richard D. CLINICAL TRIALS -
Subpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plot (STEPP) methods with R and Stata 1-gen-2023 Venturini, Sergio; Bonetti, Marco; Lazar, Ann A.; Cole, Bernard F.; Wang, Xin ; Victoria, ; Gelber, Richard D.; Yip, Wai-Ki JOURNAL OF DATA SCIENCE -
Subprime e BP: due volti della crisi 1-gen-2010 B., Bortolotti; Panunzi, Fausto EQUILIBRI -
Subscription-based business models in the context of tech firms: theory and applications In corso di stampa Lindström, Christoffer Weland Johannes; Maleki Vishkaei, Behzad; De Giovanni, Pietro INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT -
Subset Predicate Encryption and Its Applications 1-gen-2018 Katz, J; Maffei, M; Malavolta, G; Schröder, D - (seleziona...)
Subsidiary power: loaned or owned? The lenses of agency theory and resource dependence theory 1-gen-2019 Cuervo‐cazurra, Alvaro; Mudambi, Ram; Pedersen, Torben GLOBAL STRATEGY JOURNAL -
Subsidies regulation beyond the WTO: substance, procedure and policy space in the 'New Generation' EU trade agreements 1-gen-2017 Borlini, Leonardo GLOBAL COMMUNITY -
Subsidising rice and sugar? The Public Distribution System and nutritional outcomes in Andhra Pradesh, India 1-gen-2021 Bartell, Janita; Fledderjohann, Jasmine; Vellakkal, Sukumar; Stuckler, David JOURNAL OF SOCIAL POLICY -
Subsidizing labor hoarding in recessions: the employment & welfare effects of short time work 1-gen-2023 Giupponi, Giulia; Landais, Camille REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STUDIES -
Subsidy design in privately-provided social insurance: lessons from Medicare Part D 1-gen-2020 Decarolis, Francesco; Polyakova, Maria; Ryan, Stephen P. JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY -
Subsoil Conditions: responses to questions Q10.1.1, Q10.2.1, Q10.2.2, Q10.2.3, Q10.2.4, Q10.3.1 1-gen-2015 Balbusso, Stefano - European Society of Construction Law
Success and failure in the development of biotechnology clusters: the case of Lombardy 1-gen-2003 Breschi, Stefano; Lissoni, F.; Orsenigo, L. - Routledge
Mostrati risultati da 24.491 a 24.510 di 27.886
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