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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Kadi: verso una Corte di giustizia costituzionale? 1-gen-2009 Ferrari, GIUSEPPE FRANCO DIRITTO PUBBLICO COMPARATO ED EUROPEO -
Karl Jaspers: A Biography ? Navigations in Truth, by Suzanne Kirkbright 1-gen-2006 Gatta, GIUNIA VALERIA CONSTELLATIONS -
Kartell 1-gen-2005 Lojacono, Gabriella - -
Kaspersky lab is scaling the globe 1-gen-2011 Gryaznova, A.; Annouchkina, Olga - South-Western CENGAGE Learning
Keep or drop? The origin and evolution of knowledge relationships in organizations 1-gen-2022 Stea, Diego; Pedersen, Torben; Soda, Giuseppe BRITISH JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT -
Keeping one’s distance: truth and ambiguity in social research 1-gen-2018 Baldassarri, DELIA STEFANIA SOCIOLOGICA -
Keeping Stigma Out of Administrative Law: An Explanation of Consistent Beliefs 1-gen-2007 N., Garoupa; Galbiati, Roberto SUPREME COURT ECONOMIC REVIEW -
Keeping the enemies close: the contribution of corporate social responsibility to reducing crime against the firm 1-gen-2011 DEL BOSCO, Barbara; Misani, Nicola SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT -
Key accountization at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (BAA) Italy: managing and implementing a strategic change 1-gen-2014 Guenzi, Paolo - John Wiley & Sons
Key actors in the hydrocarbons industry and company strategies 1-gen-2007 Grant, Robert - Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, ENI
Key aspects of safety at work: a comprehensive literature review 1-gen-2016 Arcuri, MARIA CRISTINA; Gandolfi, Gino; Melloni, Riccardo EPH International Journal of Science and Engineering -
Key Drivers for the Economic and Social Efficacy of Cultural Activities: the Case of Turin 1-gen-2007 Parolini, Cinzia - STPA
Key drivers of innovativeness appraisal for medicines: the Italian experience after the adoption of the new ranking system 1-gen-2021 Galeone, Carlotta; Bruzzi, Paolo; Jommi, Claudio BMJ OPEN -
Key ingredients for an efficient and effective public–private equity fund 1-gen-2015 Sattin, Fabio - Palgrave
Key issues in organizational identity and identification theory 1-gen-2003 Ravasi, Davide; J., VAN REKOM CORPORATE REPUTATION REVIEW London (28/30 Little Russell St., London WC1A 2HN) : Henry Stewart Publications, 1997-2005.
Key reccomendations from the MedtecHTA project 1-gen-2017 Tarricone, Rosanna; Torbica, Aleksandra; Drummond, Michael HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Kim and Omberg revisited: the duality approach 1-gen-2015 Battauz, Anna; De Donno, Marzia; Sbuelz, Alessandro JOURNAL OF PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS -
The kind of silence: managing a reputation for voluntary disclosure in financial markets 1-gen-2023 Gietzmann, Miles B; Ostaszewski, Adam J. ANNALS OF FINANCE -
Kitchen confidential? Norms for the use of transferred knowledge in gourmet cuisine 1-gen-2014 DI STEFANO, Giada; King, ANDREW ARNOLD; Verona, Gianmario STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Knapsack and subset sum with small items 1-gen-2021 Polak, A.; Rohwedde, L.; Wegrzycki, K. - (seleziona...)
Mostrati risultati da 13.376 a 13.395 di 26.802
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