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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Dynamic legislative bargaining with veto power: theory and experiments 1-gen-2021 Nunnari, Salvatore GAMES AND ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR -
Dynamic linear models with R 1-gen-2009 G., Petris; Petrone, Sonia; P., Campagnoli - Springer
Dynamic MACD: standard deviation embedded in the MACD indicator for accurate adjustement to financial market dynamics 1-gen-2008 Caselli, Stefano; G., Gandolfi; M., Rossolini; A., Sabbatini IFTA JOURNAL -
Dynamic Marketing Capabilities in Science-Based Industries 1-gen-2009 SEVERI BRUNI, D; Verona, Gianmario BRITISH JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT -
Dynamic Measures of Individual Deprivation 1-gen-2007 W., Bossert; D'Ambrosio, Conchita SOCIAL CHOICE AND WELFARE -
Dynamic message-passing equations for models with unidirectional dynamics 1-gen-2014 Lokhov, Andrey Y.; Mezard, Marc; Zdeborová, Lenka PHYSICAL REVIEW. E, STATISTICAL, NONLINEAR AND SOFT MATTER PHYSICS -
Dynamic models of pneumococcal carriage and the impact of the Heptavalent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine on invasive pneumococcal disease. 1-gen-2010 Melegaro, Alessia; Choi, Y. H.; R., George; Edmunds, W. J.; E., Miller; Gay, N. J. BMC INFECTIOUS DISEASES -
Dynamic monopoly pricing and herding 1-gen-2006 S., Bose; G., Orosel; Ottaviani, MARCO M.; L., Vesterlund RAND JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS -
Dynamic multi-level analysis of households living standards and poverty: evidence from Vietnam 1-gen-2007 Aassve, Arnstein; Arpino, Bruno - -
The dynamic of financial crises and its non-monotonic effects on earnings quality 1-gen-2014 Trombetta, Marco; Imperatore, Claudia JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING AND PUBLIC POLICY -
Dynamic of mixed HCV infection in plasma and PBMC of HIV/HCV patients under treatment with Peg-IFN/ribavirin 1-gen-2015 Bagaglio, Sabrina; Uberti Foppa, Caterina; Di Serio, Clelia; Trentini, Filippo; Andolina, Andrea; Hasson, Hamid; Messina, Emanuela; Merli, Marco; Porrino, Lucy; Lazzarin, Adriano; Morsica, Giulia MEDICINE -
Dynamic opinion aggregation: long-run stability and disagreement 1-gen-2024 Cerreia-Vioglio, Simone; Corrao, Roberto; Lanzani, Giacomo THE REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STUDIES -
The dynamic process of life satisfaction 1-gen-2006 Heller, Daniel; Watson, David; Ilies, Remus JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY -
Dynamic programming for optimal control problems with delays in the control variable? 1-gen-2014 Federico, Salvatore; Tacconi, Elisa SIAM JOURNAL ON CONTROL AND OPTIMIZATION -
Dynamic psychological games 1-gen-2009 Battigalli, Pierpaolo; Dufwenberg, M. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY Academic Press Incorporated:6277 Sea Harbor Drive:Orlando, FL 32887:(800)543-9534, (407)345-4100, EMAIL: ap@acad.com, INTERNET: http://www.idealibrary.com, Fax: (407)352-3445
Dynamic regression using Bernstein polynomials with application to estimation of the term structure of interest rates 1-gen-2001 Corielli, Francesco; Petrone, Sonia - Istituto Metodi Quantitativi
Dynamic splendor: the metalwork altarpieces of medieval Venetia 1-gen-2022 Gerevini, Stefania CONVIVIUM -
A dynamic supply chain game with vertical coordination and horizontal competition 1-gen-2021 De Giovanni, Pietro INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS IN OPERATIONAL RESEARCH -
A dynamic theory of public spending, taxation, and debt 1-gen-2008 Battaglini, Marco; Coate, Stephen THE AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW -
Dynamic variational preferences 1-gen-2006 Maccheroni, Fabio; Marinacci, Massimo; Rustichini, Aldo JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC THEORY Academic Press Incorporated:6277 Sea Harbor Drive:Orlando, FL 32887:(800)543-9534, (407)345-4100, EMAIL: ap@acad.com, INTERNET: http://www.idealibrary.com, Fax: (407)352-3445
Mostrati risultati da 7.287 a 7.306 di 27.886
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