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Adjuvant chemotherapy followed by goserelin versus either modality alone for premenopausal lymph node-negative breast cancer: A randomized trial 1-gen-2003 Castiglione-Gertsch, M; O'Neill, A; Price, Kn; Goldhirsch, A; Coates, As; Colleoni, M; Nasi, Ml; Bonetti, M; Gelber, Rd JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE Oxford University Press:Journals Department, Great Clarendon Street, Oxford OX2 6DP United Kingdom:011 44 1865 556767, EMAIL: jnlorders@oup.co.uk, INTERNET: http://www.oup.co.uk, Fax: 011 44 1865 267485
Risk factors for locoregional recurrence among breast cancer patients: Results from international breast cancer study group trials I through VII 1-gen-2003 Wallgren, A; Bonetti, M; Gelber, Rd; Goldhirsch, A; Castiglione-Gertsch, M; Holmberg, Sb; Lindtner, J; Thurlimann, B; Fey, M; Werner, Id; Forbes, Jf; Price, K; Coates, As; Collins, J JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY editori attuale: -American Society of Clinical Oncology. , 330 JOHN CARLYLE ST, STE 300, ALEXANDRIA, USA, VA, 22314 precedente: -W B Saunders Company:Fulfillment Department, The Curtis Center, Independence Square West:Philadelphia, PA 19106:(800)654-2452, (215)238-7800, EMAIL: wbspcs@harcourt.com, INTERNET: http://elsevierhealth.com, Fax: (215)238-6445
A bivariate method for spatio-temporal syndromic surveillance (article published in proceedings) 1-gen-2004 A., Ozonoff; L., Forsberg; Bonetti, Marco; M., Pagano - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
A population-adjusted stable geospatial baseline for outbreak detection in syndromic surveillance (poster with abstract published in proceedings) 1-gen-2004 K. L., Olson; Bonetti, Marco; M., Pagano; K., Mandl - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The use of multiple addresses to enhance cluster detection 1-gen-2004 A., OZONOFF A; Bonetti, Marco; L., Forsberg; M., Pagano - American Statistical Association
Parametric models for interpoint distances and their use in biosurveillance 1-gen-2004 Bonetti, Marco; Olson, K; Mandl, K; Pagano, M. - American Statistical Association
MAX2 - A convenient index to estimate the average per patient risk for chemotherapy toxicity: Validation in ECOG trials 1-gen-2004 Extermann, M.; Bonetti, M.; Sledge, G. W.; O'Dwyer, P. J.; Bonomi, P.; Benson III, Al. B. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER Elsevier Science Limited:Oxford Fulfillment Center, PO Box 800, Kidlington Oxford OX5 1DX United Kingdom:011 44 1865 843000, 011 44 1865 843699, EMAIL: asianfo@elsevier.com, tcb@elsevier.co.UK, INTERNET: http://www.elsevier.com, http://www.elsevier.com/locate/shpsa/, Fax: 011 44 1865 843010
Patterns of treatment effects in subsets of patients in clinical trials 1-gen-2004 Bonetti, M.; Gelber, R. D. BIOSTATISTICS -
A bivariate method for spatio-temporal syndromic surveillance 1-gen-2004 Ozonoff, A; Forsberg, L; Bonetti, Marco; Pagano, M. MORBIDITY AND MORTALITY WEEKLY REPORT -
The interpoint distance distribution as a descriptor of point patterns, with an application to cluster detection 1-gen-2005 Bonetti, Marco; Pagano, M. STATISTICS IN MEDICINE -
Prognostic Value of Extracapsular Tumor Spread for Locoregional Control in Premenopausal Patients With Node-Positive Breast Cancer Treated With Classical Cyclophosphamide, Methotrexate, and Fluorouracil: Long-Term Observations From International Breast Cancer Study Group Trial VI 1-gen-2005 Gruber, G; Bonetti, Marco; NASI M., L; PRICE K., N; CASTIGLIONE GERTSCH, M; RUDENSTAM C., M; HOLMBERG S., B; Lindtner, J; Golouh, R; Collins, J; Crivellari, D; Carbone, A; Thuerlimann, B; Simoncini, E; FEY M., F; GELBER R., D; COATES A., S; Goldhirsch, A. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY -
A multistate Markov chain model for longitudinal, categorical quality-of-life data subject to non-ignorable missingness 1-gen-2005 COLE B., F; Bonetti, Marco; ZASLAVSKY A., M; Gelber, R. D. STATISTICS IN MEDICINE John Wiley & Sons Limited:1 Oldlands Way, Bognor Regis, P022 9SA United Kingdom:011 44 1243 779777, EMAIL: cs-journals@wiley.co.uk, INTERNET: http://www.wiley.co.uk, Fax: 011 44 1243 843232
Real time spatial cluster detection using interpoint distances among precise patient locations 1-gen-2005 Olson, K. L.; Bonetti, M.; Pagano, M.; Mandl, K. D. BMC MEDICAL INFORMATICS AND DECISION MAKING London: BioMed Central.
Distance-based methods for spatial and spatio-temporal surveillance 1-gen-2005 Forsberg, L.; Bonetti, M.; Jeffery, C.; Ozonoff, A.; Pagano, M. - John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
Power comparisons for an improved disease clustering test 1-gen-2005 Ozonoff, A; Bonetti, Marco; Forsberg, L; Pagano, M. COMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS Physica-Verlag GmBh & Company:Tiergartenstrasse 17, D 69121 Heidelberg Germany:011 49 6221 487492, INTERNET: http://www.springer.de, Fax: 011 49 6221 487177
Modelling menstrual status during and after adjuvant treatment for breast cancer 1-gen-2006 Szwarc, S; Bonetti, Marco STATISTICS IN MEDICINE -
Clustering-based measurement of dependence 1-gen-2007 Piccarreta, Raffaella; Bonetti, Marco; Venturini, Sergio - Societa Italiana di Statistica
Effect of glutathione S-transferase polymorphisms and proximity to hazardous waste sites on time to systemic lupus erythematosus diagnosis results from the Roxbury Lupus Project 1-gen-2007 KARLSON E., W; Watts, J; Signorovitch, J; Bonetti, Marco; Wright, E; Cooper, G; MCALINDON T., E; COSTENBADER K., H; MASSAROTTI E., M; FITZGERALD L., M; Jajoo, R; Husni, E; FOSSEL A., H; Pankey, H; DING W., Z; Knorr, R; Condon, S; Fraser, P. A. ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins:530 Walnut Street:Philadelphia, PA 19106:(800)638-3030, (301)223-2300, EMAIL: orders@lww.com, INTERNET: http://www.lww.com, Fax: (301)223-2320, (301)223-2320
Parametric modelling of interpoint distance distributions, with an application to a mixture model for biosurveillance data 1-gen-2008 Bonetti, Marco; K. L., Olson; K. D., Mandl; M., Pagano BIOMEDICAL STATISTICS AND CLINICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY -
The Gini Concentration Test for Survival Data 1-gen-2008 Bonetti, Marco; Gigliarano, Chiara; Muliere, Pietro - Universita' Bocconi
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