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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Changes in the structure of life courses and the decline of social capital in Canadian society: A time-series analysis of property crime rates 1-gen-1995 Macmillan, Ross CANADIAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY -
The effect of victim-offender relationship on reporting crimes of violence against women 1-gen-1995 R., Gartner; Macmillan, Ross CANADIAN JOURNAL OF CRIMINOLOGY-REVUE CANADIENNE DE CRIMINOLOGIE -
New kid in town: Social capital and the life course effects of family migration on children 1-gen-1996 J., Hagan; Macmillan, Ross; B., Wheaton AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW -
Just des(s)erts? The racial polarization of perceptions of criminal injustice 1-gen-1997 S., Wortley; J., Hagan; Macmillan, Ross LAW & SOCIETY REVIEW -
When she brings home the bacon: Labor-force participation and the risk of spousal violence against women 1-gen-1999 Macmillan, Ross; R., Gartner JOURNAL OF MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY -
Adolescent victimization and income deficits in early adulthood: Rethinking the costs of criminal violence from a life course perspective 1-gen-2000 Macmillan, Ross CRIMINOLOGY -
Experiencing the streets: Harassment and perceptions of safety among women 1-gen-2000 Macmillan, Ross; A., Nierobsiz; S., Welsh THE JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN CRIME AND DELINQUENCY -
Victimization and fear of crime: Re-thinking a classic controversy from a criminal events perspective 1-gen-2001 Macmillan, Ross; V., Sacco - L. Kennedy, R. Meier, V. Sacco
Deterrence, rational choice, and criminal offending: A consideration of legal subjectivity 1-gen-2001 M., Massoglia; Macmillan, Ross - A. Piquero, S. Tibbetts
Violence and the life course: The consequences of victimization for personal and social development 1-gen-2001 Macmillan, R. ANNUAL REVIEW OF SOCIOLOGY -
Costs of crime 1-gen-2002 Macmillan, Ross - J. Dressler
Characterizing the Life Course as Role Configurations and Pathways: A Latent Structure Approach 1-gen-2003 Macmillan, Ross; S., Eliason - J. Mortimer, M.J. Shanahan
Linked lives: Stability and change in maternal circumstances and trajectories of antisocial behavior in children 1-gen-2004 Macmillan, Ross; B., Mcmorris; C., Kruttschnitt CHILD DEVELOPMENT -
Violence in the transition to adulthood: The socio-economic consequences of adolescent victimization 1-gen-2004 Macmillan, Ross; J., Hagan JOURNAL OF RESEARCH ON ADOLESCENCE -
Families in the Life Course: Interdependency of roles, role configurations, and pathways 1-gen-2005 Macmillan, Ross; R., Copher JOURNAL OF MARRIAGE AND FAMILY -
Advances in Life Course Research Volume 9: The Structure of the Life Course. Individualized? Standardized? Differentiated? 1-gen-2005 Macmillan, Ross - R. Macmillan
Patterns of intimate partner violence and their association with health, psychological distress, and substance use over the life span. 1-gen-2006 K., Carbone Lopez; Macmillan, Ross; C., Kruttschnitt PUBLIC HEALTH REPORTS -
The Context of Marriage and Crime: Gender, Propensity to Marry, and Offending in Early Adulthood 1-gen-2007 R., King; M., Massogia; Macmillan, Ross CRIMINOLOGY -
Advances in Life Course Research: ‘Constructing adulthood’: Agency and Subjectivity in the life course. 1-gen-2007 Macmillan, Ross - R. Macmillan
Tales of the Heat 1-gen-2008 Macmillan, Ross CONTEXTS -
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