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ESCO business models for biomass heating and CHP: profitability of ESCO operations in Italy and key factors assessment 1-gen-2014 Pantaleo, Antonio; Candelise, Chiara; Bauen, Ausilio; Shah, Nilay RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS -
Off-grid solar photovoltaic systems for rural electrification and emissions mitigation in India 1-gen-2016 Sandwell, Philip; Lam Alvin Chan, Ngai; Foster, Samuel; Nagpal, Divyam; Emmott, Christopher J. M.; Candelise, Chiara; Buckle, Simon J.; NedEkins-Daukes, ; Gambhir, Ajay; Nelson, Jenny SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS -
Can integration of PV within UK electricity network be improved? A GIS based assessment of storage 1-gen-2017 Candelise, Chiara; Westacott, Paul ENERGY POLICY -
Statistical evidence on the role of energy cooperatives for the energy transition in European countries 1-gen-2018 Wierling, August; Jana Schwanitz, Valeria; Pedro Zeiß, Jan; Bout, Celine; Candelise, Chiara; Gilcrease, Winston; Sterling Gregg, Jay SUSTAINABILITY -
Status and evolution of the community energy sector in Italy 1-gen-2020 Candelise, Chiara; Ruggieri, Gianluca ENERGIES -
Collective action and social innovation in the energy sector: a mobilization model perspective 1-gen-2020 Sterling Gregg, Jay; Nyborg, Sophie; Hansen, Meiken; Jana Schwanitz, Valeria; Wierling, August; Pedro Zeiss, Jan; Delvaux, Sarah; Saenz, Victor; Polo-Alvarez, Lucia; Candelise, Chiara; Gilcrease, Winston; Arrobbio, Osman; Sciullo, Alessandro; Padovan, Dario ENERGIES -
Assessing local costs and impacts of distributed solar PV using high resolution data from across Great Britain 1-gen-2020 Few, Sheridan; Djapic, Pedrag; Strbac, Goran; Nelson, Jenny; Candelise, Chiara RENEWABLE ENERGY -
The community energy sector in Italy: historical perspective and recent evolution 1-gen-2021 Candelise, Chiara; Ruggieri, Gianluca - Palgrave
A characterization of European collective action initiatives and their role as enablers of citizens’ participation in the energy transition 1-gen-2021 Lupi, Veronica; Candelise, Chiara; Calull, Merce Almuni; Delvaux, Sarah; Valkering, Pieter; Hubert, Wit; Sciullo, Alessandro; Ivask, Nele; van der Waal, Esther; Iturriza, Izaskun Jimenez; Paci, Daniele; Della Valle, Nives; Koukoufikis, Giorgos; Dunlop, Tessa ENERGIES -
The contribution of energy communities to the upscaling of photovoltaics in Germany and Italy 1-gen-2021 Wierling, August; Zeiss, Jan Pedro; Lupi, Veronica; Candelise, Chiara; Sciullo, Alessandro; Schwanitz, Valeria Jana ENERGIES -
An empirical assessment of the effects of electricity access on food security 1-gen-2021 Candelise, Chiara; Saccone, Donatella; Vallino, Elena WORLD DEVELOPMENT -
Electricity demand in populations gaining access: Impact of rurality and climatic conditions, and implications for microgrid design 1-gen-2022 Few, Sheridam; Barton, John; Sandwell, Philip; Mori, Richard; Kulkarni, Prasad; Thomson, Murray; Nelson, Jenny; Candelise, Chiara ENERGY SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT -
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