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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
The number of fatalities drives disaster aid: increasing sensitivity to people in need 1-gen-2013 Evangelidis, Ioannis; Van den Bergh, Bram PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE -
Prominence Versus Dominance: How Relationships Between Alternatives Drive Decision Strategy and Choice 1-gen-2013 Evangelidis, Ioannis; Levav, Jonathan JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH -
Pressed for time? Goal conflict shapes how time is perceived, spent, and valued 1-gen-2015 Etkin, Jordan; Evangelidis, Ioannis; Aaker, Jennifer JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH -
The role of restraint omission in alcohol-related traffic fatalities 1-gen-2017 Evangelidis, Ioannis DRUG AND ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE -
Points of (dis)parity: expectation disconfirmation from common attributes in consumer choice 1-gen-2018 Evangelidis, Ioannis; van Osselaer, Stijn M. J. JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH -
The asymmetric impact of context effects on advantaged versus disadvantaged options 1-gen-2018 Evangelidis, Ioannis; Levav, Jonathan; Simonson, Itamar JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH -
Interattribute evaluation theory 1-gen-2019 Evangelidis, Ioannis; van Osselaer, Stijn M. J. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY. GENERAL -
I know why you voted for Trump: (over)inferring motives based on choice 1-gen-2019 Barasz, Kate; Kim, Tami; Evangelidis, Ioannis COGNITION -
Process utility and the effect of inaction frames 1-gen-2019 Evangelidis, Ioannis; Levav, Jonathan MANAGEMENT SCIENCE -
Consumers confuse consensus with strength of preferences 1-gen-2020 Overton, Graham; Vosgerau, Joachim; Evangelidis, Ioannis - (seleziona...)
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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