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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Winter in Venice. Riflessioni sul cambiamento (e la politica) 1-gen-2008 Perrone, Vincenzo ECONOMIA & MANAGEMENT -
Wireless technologies in a 3G-4G mobile environment 1-gen-2006 Pagani, Margherita - EGEA
Wise choices: how thoroughness of opportunity appraisal, incentives, and performance evaluation fit together 1-gen-2015 Linder, Stefan; Lyngsie, Jacob; Foss, NICOLAI J.; Zahra, Shaker A. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT -
'Wish you weren't here...' : new models of social solidarity in the European Union 1-gen-2005 Spaventa, Eleanor; Dougan, Michael - HART PUBLISHING
Wishing upon a star: categories, learning, and status transfer in the haute cuisine industry 1-gen-2012 Slavich, Barabara; Castellucci, Fabrizio - (seleziona...)
Wishing upon a star: how apprentice-master similarity, status and career stage affect critics’ evaluations of former apprentices in the haute cuisine industry 1-gen-2016 Slavich, Barbara; Castellucci, Fabrizio ORGANIZATION STUDIES -
With a little help from my colleagues: a social embeddedness approach to perceived organizational support 1-gen-2011 Hayton, JAMES CHRISTOPHER; Carnabuci, Gianluca; R., Eisenberger JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR -
With a little help from my friends: the positive contribution of teamwork to safety behaviour in public hospitals 1-gen-2020 Trinchero, Elisabetta; Kominis, Georgios; Dudau, Adina; Corduneanu, Roxana PUBLIC MANAGEMENT REVIEW -
Within-category versus cross- category substitution in food consumption 1-gen-2013 Huh, Young Eun; Morewedge, Carey K.; Vosgerau, Joachim - (seleziona...)
A within-individual study of interpersonal conflict as a work stressor: dispositional and situational moderators 1-gen-2011 Ilies, Remus; Johnson, Michael D.; Judge, Timothy A.; Keeney, Jessica JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR -
WNT5A-ROR2 axis mediates VEGF dependence of BRAF mutant melanoma 1-gen-2023 Coupe, Nicholas; Guo, Lina; Bridges, Esther; Campo, Leticia; Espinosa, Olivia; Colling, Richard; Marshall, Andrea; Nandakumar, Ashwin; van Stiphout, Ruud; Buffa, Francesca M.; Corrie, Pippa G.; Middleton, Mark R.; Macaulay Valentine, M. CELLULAR ONCOLOGY -
The woeful inadequacy of section 13(D): time for a paradigm shift? 1-gen-2019 Passador, Maria Lucia VIRGINIA LAW & BUSINESS REVIEW -
Woman and the glass ceiling: the role of professionalization in family SMEs 1-gen-2013 Gnan, Luca; Songini, Lucrezia - Edward Elgar Publishing
The woman in red: examining the effect of ovulatory cycle on women's perceptions of and behaviors toward other women 1-gen-2018 Netchaeva, Ekaterina; Kouchaki, Maryam PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY BULLETTIN -
Women and governance: central bank boards and monetary policy In corso di stampa Masciandaro, Donato; Profeta, Paola; Romelli, Davide AMERICAN LAW AND ECONOMICS REVIEW -
Women and ICT: exploring obstacles and enablers of a possible career 1-gen-2015 Berghi, Ruxanda; Bielli, Paola - Moderna organizacija
Women and local public finance 1-gen-2022 Casarico, Alessandra; Lattanzio, Salvatore; Profeta, PAOLA ANTONIA EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY -
Women at Work. An economic perspective. 1-gen-2005 Boeri, TITO MICHELE; D., DEL BOCA; C., Pissarides - Oxford University Press
Women directors: The Italian way and beyond 1-gen-2014 Profeta, PAOLA ANTONIA; Livia Amidani, Aliberti; Casarico, Alessandra; Marilisa, D'Amico; Anna, Puccio - (seleziona...)
Women in entrepreneurial family forms: a key resource for social capital development 1-gen-2008 Montemerlo, Daniela; P., Sharma - -
Mostrati risultati da 27.802 a 27.821 di 27.903
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