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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
W.E. Johnson’s 1913 paper and the question of his knowledge of Pareto 1-gen-2005 Moscati, Ivan JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT -
Wage equalization and regional misallocation: evidence from Italian and German provinces 1-gen-2021 Boeri, Tito; Ichino, Andrea; Moretti, Enrico; Posch, Johanna JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION -
Wage Premia and skill Upgrading in Italy: Why Didn't the Hound Bark? 1-gen-2004 Manasse, Paolo; L., Stanca; Alessandro, Turrini LABOUR ECONOMICS -
Wages, Skills, and Integration in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic: an Industry-level Analysis 1-gen-2005 Crino', Rosario TRANSITION STUDIES REVIEW -
Waiting for the Payday? The market for startups and the timing of entrepreneurial exit 1-gen-2021 Arora, Ashish; Fosfuri, Andrea; Rønde, Thomas MANAGEMENT SCIENCE -
A Walk-Based Semantically Enriched Tree Kernel Over Distributed Word Representations 1-gen-2013 Srivastava, Shashank; Hovy, Dirk; Hovy, Eduard H - Association for Computational Linguistics
Walking a slippery line: investments in social values and product longevity 1-gen-2015 Fosfuri, Andrea; Giarratana, Marco; ROCA BATLLORI, Esther STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Walled borders, territoriality and sovereignty: a tipology 1-gen-2021 Canale, Damiano ATHENA -
War and socialism: why eastern Europe fell behind between 1950 and 1989 1-gen-2017 Vonyo, Tamas ECONOMIC HISTORY REVIEW -
War of the waves: radio and resistance during World War II 1-gen-2020 Gagliarducci, Stefano; Onorato, Massimiliano Gaetano; Sobbrio, Francesco; Tabellini, Guido AMERICAN ECONOMIC JOURNAL. APPLIED ECONOMICS -
War on Terrorism v. Openness 1-gen-2007 Vedaschi, Arianna DIRITTO PUBBLICO COMPARATO ED EUROPEO -
The wartime origins of the Wirtschaftswunder: the growth of West German industry, 1938-55 1-gen-2014 Vonyo, Tamas JAHRBUCH FÜR WIRTSCHAFTSGESCHICHTE -
Warum "Toolkits for User Innovation and Design" für ihre Nutzer Wert schaffen: eine qualitative Analyse 1-gen-2006 Schreier, Martin; A., Mair am Tinkhof; N., Franke DIE UNTERNEHMUNG -
The “War” against Covid-19: state of exception, state of siege, or (constitutional) emergency powers 1-gen-2021 Corradetti, Claudio; Pollicino, Oreste GERMAN LAW JOURNAL -
Was Banfield right? New insights from a nationwide laboratory experiment 1-gen-2021 Aassve, Arnstein; Conzo, Pierluigi; Mattioli, Francesco JOURNAL OF REGIONAL SCIENCE -
Was ist das — der Mensch? 1-gen-2019 Zaccaria, GINO SECONDO EUDIA -
Was it an act of self-dissolution? Brexit and the future of the United Kingdom 1-gen-2017 Frosini, Justin Orlando LE ISTITUZIONI DEL FEDERALISMO -
Was there a culture war? Partisan polarization and secular trends in us public opinion 1-gen-2020 Baldassarri, Delia; Park, Barum THE JOURNAL OF POLITICS -
The waste cascade in Dell Reconnect with a focus on plastic packaging 1-gen-2022 De Giovanni, Pietro - IGI GLOBAL
Waste management as a public utility: options for competition in an environmentally-regulated industry 1-gen-2007 Massarutto, Antonio UTILITIES POLICY -
Mostrati risultati da 27.103 a 27.122 di 27.589
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