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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Social accounting and public management: accountability for the common good 1-gen-2010 Osborne, STEPHEN PETER; A., Ball - (seleziona...)
The social aftermath of economic disaster: Karl Polanyi, countermovements in action, and the Greek crisis 1-gen-2018 Kentikelenis, Alexander SOCIO-ECONOMIC REVIEW -
Social age deadlines for the childbearing of women and men 1-gen-2010 Billari, FRANCESCO CANDELORO; Alice, Goisis; Aart C., Liefbroer; Richard A., Settersten; Aassve, Arnstein; Gunhild, Hagestad; Zsolt, Speder HUMAN REPRODUCTION -
The social and economic burden of stroke survivors in Italy: a prospective, incidence-based, multi-centre cost of illness study 1-gen-2012 Fattore, Giovanni; Torbica, Aleksandra; Susi, Alessandra; Aguzzi, Giovanni; G., Benelli; M., Gozzo; V., Toso BMC NEUROLOGY -
Social and economic multipliers: what they are and why they are important for health policy in Europe 1-gen-2017 Stuckler, David; Reeves, Aaron; Mckee, Martin SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH -
Social and Environmental Reporting in Local Authorities: a New Italian Fashion? 1-gen-2005 Marcuccio, M; Steccolini, Ileana PUBLIC MANAGEMENT REVIEW -
Social and study related stressors and resources among university entrants: effects on well-being and academic performance 1-gen-2015 Pluut, Helen; Curseu, Petru Lucian; Ilies, Remus LEARNING AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES -
The social and the neural network: how to make natural language processing about people again 1-gen-2018 Hovy, Dirk - Association for Computational Linguistics
Social business hybrids: demand externalities, competitive advantage, and growth through diversification 1-gen-2016 Fosfuri, Andrea; Giarratana, Marco; ROCA BATLLORI, Esther ORGANIZATION SCIENCE -
Il social business plan 1-gen-2013 Baldassarre, Giuliana - Cedam
Social capital and entrepreneurship in family firms: A dynamic capabilities approach 1-gen-2006 Salvato, Carlo - -
Social capital and family control 1-gen-2017 Amore, Mario EXPLORATIONS IN ECONOMIC HISTORY -
Social Capital and Political Accountability 1-gen-2013 Nannicini, Tommaso; A., Stella; Tabellini, Guido; U., Troiano AMERICAN ECONOMIC JOURNAL. ECONOMIC POLICY -
Social capital and the innovative performance of Italian provinces 1-gen-2013 Riccardo, Crescenzi; Gagliardi, Luisa; Percoco, Marco ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A -
Social capital forms in the family - firm system. A conceptual framework 1-gen-2009 Montemerlo, Daniela; P., Sharma - -
Social capital, social support, and stratification: an analysis of the sociology of Nan Lin 1-gen-2019 Burt, Ronald; Bian, Yanjie; Song, Lijun; Lin, Nan - Edward Elgar Publishing
Social choice, uncertainty about external costs and trade-off between intergenerational environmental impacts: the emblematic case of energy supply decentralization 1-gen-2006 Gulli', Francesco ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS -
Social Cohesion and Immigration: actors, beliefs and dynamics of a contested space 1-gen-2008 G., D'Amato; Baglioni, Simone; D., Skanderovic - Swiss Forum for Migration Studies, Université de Neuchatel
Social cohesion and the evolution of altruism 1-gen-2015 García Martínez, José A.; VEGA-REDONDO, Fernando GAMES AND ECONOMIC BEHAVIOR -
The social contact hypothesis under the assumption of endemic equilibrium: elucidating the transmission potential of VZV in Europe 1-gen-2015 Santermans, Eva; Goeyvaerts, N.; Melegaro, Alessia; Edmunds, W. J.; Faes, C.; Aerts, M.; Beutels, P. EPIDEMICS -
Mostrati risultati da 21.759 a 21.778 di 25.844
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