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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Modelling and forecasting government bond spreads in the euro area: a GVAR model 1-gen-2013 Favero, Carlo JOURNAL OF ECONOMETRICS -
Modelling and simulations for tourism and hospitality: an introduction 1-gen-2020 Baggio, Jacopo A.; Baggio, Rodolfo - Channel View Publications
Modelling capacity and productivity of multi-machine systems 1-gen-2009 R., Cigolini; Grando, Alberto PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL -
Modelling Communication Demand in the Workplace 1-gen-2005 Alderighi, Marco; G., Gorla - FrancoAngeli
Modelling Compositional Data: an application to household commodity expenditure in Italy 1-gen-1986 Corielli, Francesco; Guido, Consonni - Bocconi Comunicazione
Modelling customer process activities in interactive value creation 1-gen-2011 Eichentopf, Thomas; Kleinaltenkamp, Michael; van Stiphout, Janine JOURNAL OF SERVICE MANAGEMENT -
Modelling European Regional Scenarios: Aggressive vs. Defensive Competitive Strategies 1-gen-2009 Capello, R; Fratesi, Ugo ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING A -
Modelling menstrual status during and after adjuvant treatment for breast cancer 1-gen-2006 Szwarc, S; Bonetti, Marco STATISTICS IN MEDICINE -
Modelling multivariate, overdispersed binomial data with additive and multiplicative random effects 1-gen-2014 DEL FAVA, Emanuele; Z., Shkedy; M., Aregay; G., Molenberghs STATISTICAL MODELLING -
Modelling plant capacity and productivity: conceptual framework in a single-machine case 1-gen-2005 Grando, Alberto; Turco, Francesco PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL Taylor & Francis Limited:Rankine Road, Basingstoke RG24 8PR United Kingdom:011 44 1256 813035, EMAIL: madeline.sims@tandf.co.uk, info@tandf.co.uk, INTERNET: http://www.tandf.co.uk, Fax: 011 44 1256 330245
Modelling plant capacity and productivity: the multi-machine case 1-gen-2007 Grando, Alberto; R., Cigolini PROBLEMS & PERSPECTIVES IN MANAGEMENT -
Modelling poverty by not modelling poverty: a simultaneous hazard approach to the UK 1-gen-2005 Aassve, Arnstein; S., Burgess; C., Propper; M., Dickson - Institute for Social and Economic Research - ISER, University of Essex, UK
Modelling power pricing under trading of CO2 emission allowances 1-gen-2005 Bonacina, Monica; Gulli', Francesco - IEFE
Modelling Regional Scenarios for the Enlarged Europe European Competitiveness and Global Strategies 1-gen-2008 Capello, R; Camagni, R; Chizzolini, Barbara; Fratesi, Ugo - springer
Modelling Regional Scenarios for the Enlarged Europe. European competitiveness and global strategies 1-gen-2008 Roberto, Camagni; Roberta, Capello; Chizzolini, Barbara; Ugo, Fratesi - Springer-Verlag
Modelling shifts in the wage-price and unemployment-inflation relationships in Italy, Poland and the UK 1-gen-2000 Marcellino, Massimiliano; G., Mizon ECONOMIC MODELLING -
Modelling sovereign bond spreads in the euro area: a non-linear global VAR approach 1-gen-2013 Favero, Carlo - Oxford University Press
Modelling sustainable development 1-gen-2009 Bosetti, Valentina; Gerlagh, Reyer; Schleicher, Stefan - Edward Elgar
Modelling the health impact and cost-effectiveness of lymphatic filariasis eradication under varying levels of mass drug administration scale-up and geographic coverage 1-gen-2016 Stone, Christopher M.; Kastner, Randee; Steinmann, Peter; Chitnis, Nakul; Tanner, Marcel; Tediosi, Fabrizio BMJ GLOBAL HEALTH -
Modelling the impact of a combined varicella and zoster vaccination programme on the epidemiology of varicella zoster virus in England 1-gen-2011 van Hoek, A. J.; Melegaro, Alessia; E., Zagheni; Edmunds, W. J.; N., Gay VACCINE -
Mostrati risultati da 17.500 a 17.519 di 28.015
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