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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Is management essential to improving the performance and sustainability of healthcare systems and organizations? A systematic review and a roadmap for future studies 1-gen-2013 Lega, Federico; Prenestini, Anna; P., Spurgeon VALUE IN HEALTH -
PHP3 the simultaneous effects of pharmaceutical policies from payers' and patients' perspectives: Italy as a case study 1-gen-2014 Armeni, Patrizio; Otto, MONICA HILDEGARD; Jommi, Claudio VALUE IN HEALTH -
Setting the Scene: The Challenges of Universal Health Coverage and the Contribution of Management Education 1-gen-2013 Tarricone, Rosanna VALUE IN HEALTH -
Sustainability of Universal Health Coverage: Five Continents, Four Perspectives 1-gen-2013 Tarricone, Rosanna; Torbica, Aleksandra VALUE IN HEALTH Blackwell Science
Sustaining Universal Health Coverage: The Interaction of Social, Political, and Economic Sustainability 1-gen-2013 Borgonovi, Elio; Compagni, Amelia VALUE IN HEALTH -
The importance of values in shaping how health systems governance and management can support universal health coverage. 1-gen-2013 Fattore, Giovanni; Tediosi, Fabrizio VALUE IN HEALTH -
The outpatient cost of diabetes care in Italian diabetes centers 1-gen-2001 Garattini, L.; Tediosi, F.; Chiaffarino, F.; Roggeri, D.; Parazzini, F.; Coscelli, C. VALUE IN HEALTH -
Understanding the Impact of Global Trade Liberalization on Health Systems Pursuing Universal Health Coverage 1-gen-2013 Missoni, Eduardo VALUE IN HEALTH -
Mostrati risultati da 18 a 25 di 25
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