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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Regulatory uncertainty, corporate structure, and strategic agendas: evidence from the US renewable electricity industry 1-gen-2019 Dutt, Nilanjana; Joseph, John Edward ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Resource-based contingencies of when team-member exchange helps member performance in teams 1-gen-2017 Farh, Crystal I. C.; Lanaj, Klodiana; Ilies, Remus ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Responding to organizational identity threats: Exploring the role of organizational culture 1-gen-2006 Ravasi, Davide; Schultz, M. ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Responding to professional knowledge disruptions of unmitigable uncertainty: the role of emotions, practices and moral duty among Covid-19 physicians In corso di stampa Compagni, Amelia; Cappellaro, Giulia; Nigam, Amit ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Rewards for patents and inventor behaviors in industrial research and development 1-gen-2018 Giarratana, Marco; Weller, Ingo; Mariani, Myriam ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Risk aversion and guanxi activities: a behavioral analysis of CEOs in China 1-gen-2017 Opper, Sonja; Nee, Victor; Holm, Håkan J. ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Sanctioning in the wild: rational calculus and retributive instincts in gourmet cuisine 1-gen-2015 DI STEFANO, Giada; King, ANDREW ARNOLD; Verona, Gianmario ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Shady characters: the implications of illicit organizational roles for resilient team performance 1-gen-2017 Colleen Stuart, H.; Moore, Celia ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Social network and temporal myopia 1-gen-2021 Opper, Sonja; Burt, Ronald S. ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
The spillover of daily job satisfaction onto employees' family lives: the facilitating role of work-family integration 1-gen-2009 Ilies, Remus; Wilson, Kelly Schwind; Wagner, David T. ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Ups and downs: the role of legitimacy judgment cues in practice implementation 1-gen-2020 Servantie Jacqueminet, Anne Jeanne Marie Joseph; Durand, Rodolphe ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
What drives exploration? Convergence and divergence of exploration tendencies among alliance partners and competitors 1-gen-2020 Duysters, Geert; Lavie, Dovev; Sabidussi, Anna; Stettner, Uriel ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
What's in it for them? Advantages of higher-status partners in exchange relationships 1-gen-2010 Castellucci, Fabrizio; G., Ertug ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
When do outside CEOs underperform? From a CEO-centric to a stakeholder-centric perspective of post-succession performance 1-gen-2022 Keil, Thomas; Lavie, Dovev; Pavićević, Stevo ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
"Who are you going to call?" Network activation in creative idea generation and elaboration 1-gen-2022 Mannucci, Pier Vittorio; Perry-Smith, Jill E. ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Why a Central Network Position isn’t Enough: The Role of Motivation and Ability for Knowledge Sharing in Employee Networks 1-gen-2011 Mia, Reinholt; Pedersen, Torben; Nicolai, Foss ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
Mostrati risultati da 27 a 42 di 42
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