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Do costs matter in ASP sourcing decisions? 1-gen-2006 Morabito, Vincenzo; Pace, Stefano THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DIGITAL ACCOUNTING RESEARCH [Huelva]: Universidad de Huelva The State University of New Jersey Rutgers.
Management dei Sistemi Informativi 1-gen-2006 Morabito, Vincenzo; Pennarola, Ferdinando - -
Il valore dei sistemi ERP 1-gen-2006 Morabito, Vincenzo - EGEA
Identifying Healthcare Actors Involved in the Adoption of Information Systems 1-gen-2007 V., Mantzana; Z., Irani; M., Temistocleous; Morabito, Vincenzo EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS Primo editore: Operational Research Society, Birmingham Editore attuale: -PALGRAVE PUBLISHERS LTD, BRUNEL RD BLDG, HOUNDMILLS, BASINGSTOKE, ENGLAND, HANTS, RG21 6XS Ebsco indica: -Macmillan Magazines Limited:Porters South Crinian Street, London N1 9XW United Kingdom:011 44 207 8334000, 011 44 171 8434982, Fax: 011 44 207 812358
Leveraging Integrated IS for Competitive Advantage 1-gen-2007 Morabito, Vincenzo; Themistocleous, M. - ND
As time goes by: Influence of Computerization Movement on the Adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems by Italian Organizations 1-gen-2007 Morabito, Vincenzo; S., Paruchuri; H., Tosi - ND
Regional economic context and the value of firm-level IT investment 1-gen-2007 A., Sinan; Morabito, Vincenzo; L., Wu - wise
A survey of critical success factors in e-Banking: An organisational perspective 1-gen-2007 Shah, M. H.; Braganza, A.; Morabito, V. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS -
Exending e-Government Infrastructure through EAI 1-gen-2008 Themistocleous, M; Morabito, Vincenzo; Kamal, - ELSEVIER
EVLUATING ACTORS AND FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH HEALTHCARE INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1-gen-2008 V., Mantzana; M., Themistocleous; Morabito, Vincenzo; K., Soulioutis - ELSEVIER
Organizational assimilation capacity and IT Business Value 1-gen-2008 Morabito, Vincenzo; Viscusi, G. - IGI GLOBAL (FORMERLY "IDEA GROUP ICN)
La sfida dei sistemi informativi per il Customer Experience Management (CEM) nelle banche 1-gen-2008 Morabito, Vincenzo - EGEA
Business technology. Frontiere di sviluppo dell'economia globale. 1-gen-2008 Zona, Fabio; Morabito, Vincenzo ECONOMIA & MANAGEMENT -
IS integration and business performance: The mediation effect of organizational absorptive capacity in SMEs 1-gen-2008 Francalanci, Chiara; Morabito, Vincenzo JOURNAL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Routledge Limited:11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE United Kingdom:011 44 20 75839855, INTERNET: http://journals.routledge.com, Fax: 011 44 20 7330245
Management dei sistemi informativi - 1 Fondamenti 1-gen-2009 K., Laudon; J., Laudon; Morabito, Vincenzo; Pennarola, Ferdinando - Pearson Education
Achieving knowledge management integration through EAI: a case study from healthcare sector 1-gen-2009 M., Themistocleus; V., Mantzana; Morabito, Vincenzo INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT Inderscience Enterprises Limited:29 route de Pre-Bois, CP 896, CH-1215 Geneva Switzerland:011 44 1234 713365, EMAIL: subs@inderscience.com, INTERNET: http://www.inderscience.com, Fax: 011 41 22 7910885
Management dei sistemi informativi - 2 Progetto e applicazioni 1-gen-2010 K., Laudon; J., Laudon; Morabito, Vincenzo; Pennarola, Ferdinando - Pearson Italia
A survey on integrated IS and competitive advantage 1-gen-2010 Morabito, Vincenzo; M., Themistocleous; A., Serrano JOURNAL OF ENTERPRISE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT -
Business Continuity and the Banking Industry 1-gen-2010 F., Arduini; Morabito, Vincenzo COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM ACM / Association for Computing Machinery:1515 Broadway, 17th Floor:New York, NY 10036:(212)869-7440, EMAIL: acmhelp@hq.acm.org, INTERNET: http://www.acm.org, Fax: (212)944-1318
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