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Understanding and Responding to Societal Demands on Corporate Responsibility (RESPONSE). Final Report 1-gen-2007 Zollo, Maurizio; Tencati, Antonio; Perrini, Francesco; Minoja, Mario; Pogutz, Stefano; Alessandro, Zollo - INSEAD
The effect of national culture on corporate social responsibility 1-gen-2007 Zollo, Maurizio; D., Ringov CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Blackwell Publishing Limited:9600 Garsington Road, Oxford OX4 2DQ United Kingdom:011 44 1865 776868 , (781)388-8200, EMAIL: agentservices@oxon.blackwellpublishing.com, e-help@blackwellpublishers.co.uk, INTERNET: http://www.blackwellpublishing.com, Fax: 011 44 1865 714591
Interest alignment rents and competitive advantage 1-gen-2007 Zollo, Maurizio; O., Gottschalg ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT REVIEW -
Integrazione su misura: il segreto del successo nelle acquisizioni 1-gen-2008 A., DI MASE; Zollo, Maurizio HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW ITALIA -
Dynamic capabilities 1-gen-2008 Zollo, Maurizio; Lomi, Alessandro - SAGE
Organizational evolution 1-gen-2008 Zollo, Maurizio; Lomi, Alessandro - Sage
Microsoft: bringing technology to the aging population 1-gen-2008 Zollo, Maurizio; R., Crawford - -
Psychological antecedents to socially responsible behavior 1-gen-2008 D., Crilly; S., Schneider; Zollo, Maurizio EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW -
The Metamorphosis of the (Theory of the) Firm 1-gen-2008 M., Peteraf; C., Pitelis; Zollo, Maurizio ORGANIZATION STUDIES -
What is M&A performance? 1-gen-2008 Zollo, Maurizio ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVES -
Experience spillovers across corporate development activities 1-gen-2009 Zollo, Maurizio; J., Rever ORGANIZATION SCIENCE -
Superstitious learning in strategic events: theory and evidence from corporate acquisitions 1-gen-2009 Zollo, Maurizio ORGANIZATION SCIENCE -
Towards an internal change management perspective of CSR: evidence from project RESPONSE on the sources of cognitive alignment between managers and their stakeholders, andtheir implications for social performance 1-gen-2009 Zollo, Maurizio; Minoja, Mario; L., Casanova; K., Hockerts; P., Neergard; S., Schneider; Tencati, Antonio CORPORATE GOVERNANCE -
Developing Socially Responsible Behaviour in Managers - Experimental Evidence of the Effectiveness of Different Approaches to Management Education 1-gen-2010 Susan C., Schneider; Zollo, Maurizio; Ramesh, Manocha JOURNAL OF CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP -
Dynamic capabilities, deliberate learning and environmental dynamism: a simulation model 1-gen-2010 A. Georges L., Romme; Zollo, Maurizio; Peter, Berends INDUSTRIAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE -
The neuro-scientific foundations of the exploration-exploitation dilemma 1-gen-2010 D., Laureiro Martinez; Brusoni, Stefano; Zollo, Maurizio JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, PSYCHOLOGY, AND ECONOMICS -
The human side of dynamic capabilities: A holistic learning model 1-gen-2011 Zollo, Maurizio; Verona, Gianmario - Wiley
Stakeholder cohesion, innovation, and competitive advantage 1-gen-2011 Minoja, Mario; Zollo, Maurizio; Coda, Vittorio CORPORATE GOVERNANCE -
Commentary "A Hegelian Dialogue on the Micro-Foundations of Organizational Routines and Capabilities" 1-gen-2012 Nicolai J., Foss; Koen H., Heimeriks; Sidney G., Winter; Zollo, Maurizio EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW -
Faking or muddling through? understanding decoupling in response to stakeholder pressures 1-gen-2012 Zollo, Maurizio; Donal, Crilly; Morten, Hansen ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
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