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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Linux 1-gen-2001 Pace, Stefano; Luciano, Fratocchi - McGraw-Hill
Iridium Calling Planet Earth 1-gen-2001 Pace, Stefano; Alessandro, Fiocco; Luciano, Fratocchi - McGraw-Hill
Evolution of Trust in Organizations: a Learning Perspective 1-gen-2002 Fang, ; S., Kimbrough; Pace, Stefano; A., Valluri; E., Zheng - Academy of Management
On Adaptive Emergence of Trust Behavior in the Game of Stag Hunt 1-gen-2002 Christina, Fang; STEVEN ORLA, Kimbrough; Pace, Stefano; Annapurna, Valluri; Zhiqiang, Zheng GROUP DECISION AND NEGOTIATION Kluwer Academic Publishers:Journals Department, PO Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht Netherlands:011 31 78 6576050, EMAIL: frontoffice@wkap.nl, kluweronline@wkap.nl, INTERNET: http://www.kluwerlaw.com, Fax: 011 31 78 6576254
The social structure of a virtual community and the consequences for the e-marketer 1-gen-2003 Pace, Stefano ALCANCE Itajai, SC: Universidade do Vale do Itajai.
Advertising for Listing 1-gen-2003 Chizzoli, Cristian; Simona, Mola; Pace, Stefano - Ca' Foscari, Venezia
Miracles or Love? How Religious Leaders Communicate Trustworthiness through the Web 1-gen-2004 Pace, Stefano JOURNAL OF RELIGION AND POPULAR CULTURE CANADA: Department of Religious Studies and Anthropology, The University of Saskatchewan
Tribal Marketing and Virtual Internationalization of SMEs: a Possible Liaison? Some Insights from Pipe.it Case 1-gen-2004 Pace, Stefano; Luciano, Fratocchi; Fabrizo, Cocciola - IBA - International Business Association
Superior service in project business: Lessons from the Andria case 1-gen-2004 Caru', Antonella; Cova, Bernard; Pace, Stefano - La Londe les Maures
Competence-Based Communication through Advertisements in the B2B Fashion Sector 1-gen-2004 Pace, Stefano - Association for Business Conference (ABC)
Il Costo per Contatto nelle Manifestazioni Fieristiche 1-gen-2004 Pace, Stefano - EGEA
Social Acceptability in Small Scale Projects: Insigths from two Construction Projects 1-gen-2004 Pace, Stefano; Bernard, Calisti; Cova, Bernard; Robert, Salle - IMP Group - Industrial Marketing & Purchasing Group
Advertising for Listing: Empirical Analysis of Italian IPOs 1-gen-2004 Pace, Stefano; Chizzoli, Cristian; Simona, Mola - University of Warwick
Look what they’ve done to my brand: clashes of brand tribes 1-gen-2005 Cova, Bernard; Pace, Stefano - ACR - Association for Consumer Research
The Role of Governance Structure in Trust Development: the Microfinance Case 1-gen-2005 Cirrincione, Armando; Pace, Stefano - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Tribal Branding on the Net: the Nutella Case 1-gen-2005 Cova, Bernard; Pace, Stefano - EMAC - European Marketing Academy
How Museum’s Brand Name Affect the Perception Through Imaginative Experience: an Empirical Investigation 1-gen-2005 Pace, Stefano; Cirrincione, Armando - HEC Montreal
How Museum’s Brand Name Affect the Perception of the Artwork: an Empirical Investigation 1-gen-2005 Pace, Stefano; Cirrincione, Armando - EMAC
Marketing degli ERP per le PMI: un’indagine empirica sui resellers italiani 1-gen-2005 Morabito, Vincenzo; Pace, Stefano; Previtali, Pietro ECONOMIA & MANAGEMENT Etas SRL:Via Mecenate 89, 20138 Milan Italy:011 39 2 580841, Fax: 011 39 2 58012592 Mondadori Business information, Milano
ERP Marketing for SME's : Research on Italian Resellers 1-gen-2005 Morabito, Vincenzo; Pace, Stefano; Previtali, Pietro EUROPEAN MANAGEMENT JOURNAL -
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