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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
The transition to digital television 1-gen-2005 Adda, JEROME FRANS; Ottaviani, MARCO M. ECONOMIC POLICY -
Market regulation and firm performance: the case of smoking bans in the United Kingdom 1-gen-2012 Adda, JEROME FRANS; S., Berlinski; S., Machin THE JOURNAL OF LAW & ECONOMICS -
Taxes, cigarette consumption, and smoking intensity: reply 1-gen-2013 Adda, JEROME FRANS; F., Cornaglia THE AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW -
Health selection and the effect of smoking on mortality 1-gen-2013 Adda, JEROME FRANS; V., Lechene SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS -
Crime and the depenalization of cannabis possession: evidence from a policing experiment 1-gen-2014 Adda, JEROME FRANS; B., Mcconnell; I., Rasul JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY -
Economic activity and the spread of viral diseases: evidence from high frequency data 1-gen-2016 Adda, JEROME FRANS QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS -
The career costs of children 1-gen-2017 Adda, JEROME FRANS; Dustmann, Christian; Stevens, Katrien JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY -
Trade induced mortality 1-gen-2019 Adda, Jérôme; Fawaz, Yarine ACTUALITÉ ÉCONOMIQUE -
P-hacking in clinical trials and how incentives shape the distribution of results across phases 1-gen-2020 Adda, JEROME FRANS; Decker, Christian; Ottaviani, MARCO M. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA -
Preventing the spread of antibiotic resistance 1-gen-2020 Adda, Jerome AEA PAPERS AND PROCEEDINGS -
The health toll of import competition 1-gen-2020 Adda, JEROME FRANS; Fawaz, Yarine ECONOMIC JOURNAL -
The dynamics of return migration, human capital accumulation, and wage assimilation 1-gen-2022 Adda, Jérôme; Dustmann, Christian; Goerlach, Joseph-Simon THE REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STUDIES -
Sources of wage growth 1-gen-2023 Adda, Jerome Frans; Dustmann, Christian JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY -
Grantmaking, grading on a curve, and the paradox of relative evaluation in nonmarkets 1-gen-2024 Adda, Jerome; Ottaviani, Marco QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS -
There's more to marriage than love: the effect of legal status and cultural distance on intermarriages and separations In corso di stampa Adda, Jerome; Pinotti, Paolo; Tura, Giulia JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY -
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