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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Catalyzing aid? The IMF and donor behavior in aid allocation 1-gen-2016 Stubbs, Thomas H.; Kentikelenis, Alexander; King, Lawrence P. WORLD DEVELOPMENT -
Catching-up Trajectories in the Wine Sector: A Comparative Study of Chile, Italy and South Africa 1-gen-2010 Cusmano, Lucia; Morrison, Andrea; Rabellotti, R. WORLD DEVELOPMENT -
Deprivation in the São Paulo Districts: evidence from 2000 1-gen-2008 D'Ambrosio, Conchita; R., Imanishi Rodrigues WORLD DEVELOPMENT -
An empirical assessment of the effects of electricity access on food security 1-gen-2021 Candelise, Chiara; Saccone, Donatella; Vallino, Elena WORLD DEVELOPMENT -
The enduring influence of institutions on universal health coverage: an empirical investigation of 62 former colonies 1-gen-2018 Miller, Michael; Toffolutti, Veronica; Reeves, Aaron WORLD DEVELOPMENT -
Fostering savings by commitment: evidence from a quasi-natural experiment at The Small Enterprise Foundation in South Africa 1-gen-2021 Dalla Pellegrina, Lucia; De Michele, Angela; Di Maio, Giorgio; Landoni, Paolo WORLD DEVELOPMENT -
The impact of technology and structural change on export performance in nine developing countries 1-gen-2005 Montobbio, Fabio; Rampa, Francesco WORLD DEVELOPMENT -
A matter of time: revisiting growth convergence in China 1-gen-2013 Andersson, Fredrik N. G.; Edgerton, David L.; Opper, Sonja WORLD DEVELOPMENT -
The Globalization of Technology in Emerging Markets: A Gravity Model on the Determinants of International Patent Collaborations 1-gen-2013 Montobbio, Fabio; Sterzi, Valerio WORLD DEVELOPMENT -
Whatever it takes? The global financial safety net, Covid-19, and developing countries 1-gen-2021 Stubbs, Thomas; Kring, William; Laskaridis, Christina; Kentikelenis, Alexander; Gallagher, Kevin WORLD DEVELOPMENT -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 10 di 10
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