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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Editore
Acute myocardial infarction, use of percutaneous coronary intervention, and mortality: a comparative effectiveness analysis covering seven European countries 1-gen-2015 Hagen, Terje P; Häkkinen, Unto; Belicza, Eva; Fattore, Giovanni; Goude, Fanny HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Adoption decisions for medical devices in the field of cardiology: results from a European survey 1-gen-2017 Hatz, Maximilian H. M.; Schreyoegg, Jonas; Torbica, Aleksandra; Boriani, Giuseppe; Blankart, Carl R. B. HEALTH ECONOMICS -
An approach to quantify parameter uncertainty in early assessment of novel health technologies 1-gen-2022 Iskandar, Rowan; Federici, Carlo; Berns, Cassandra; Blankart, Carl Rudolf HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Challenges in the assessment of medical devices: the MedtecHTA Project 1-gen-2017 Tarricone, Rosanna; Torbica, Aleksandra; Drummond, Michael HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Characterising uncertainty in the assessment of medical devices and determining future research needs 1-gen-2017 Rothery, Claire; Claxton, Karl; Palmer, Stephen; Epstein, David; Tarricone, Rosanna; Sculpher, Mark HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Comment on ‘Response –scale heterogeneity in the EQ-5D: Can we use vignettes to address response-scale heterogeneity in the EQ-5D? Not if but how’ 1-gen-2017 Robone, Silvana HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Cost and reimbursement of cataract surgery in Europe: a cross country comparison 1-gen-2008 Fattore, Giovanni; Torbica, Aleksandra HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Coverage with evidence development for medical devices in Europe: can practice meet theory? 1-gen-2022 Drummond, Michael; Federici, Carlo; Reckers-Droog, Vivien; Torbica, Aleksandra; Blankart, Carl Rudolf; Ciani, Oriana; Kalo, Zoltan; Kovacs, Sandor; Brouwer, Werner HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Development of a framework and decision tool for the evaluation of health technologies based on surrogate endpoint evidence 1-gen-2022 Ciani, Oriana; Grigore, Bogdan; Taylor, Rod S HEALTH ECONOMICS -
The effect of waiting times on demand and supply for elective surgery: evidence from Italy 1-gen-2017 Riganti, Andrea; Siciliani, Luigi; Fiorio, Carlo HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Effects of geographical accessibility on the use of outpatient care services: quasi-experimental evidence from panel count data 1-gen-2015 Elek, Peter; Varadi, Balazs; Varga, Marton HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Epidemics and trust: the case of the Spanish Flu 1-gen-2021 Aassve, Arnstein; Alfani, Guido; Gandolfi, Francesco; LE MOGLIE, Marco HEALTH ECONOMICS -
European regional differences in all-cause mortality and length of stay for patients with hip fracture 1-gen-2015 Medin, Emma; Goude, Fanny; Melberg, Hans Olav; Tediosi, Fabrizio; Belicza, Eva; Peltola, Mikko HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Exploring the misalignment on the value of further research between payers and manufacturers. A case study on a novel total artificial heart 1-gen-2022 Federici, Carlo; Pecchia, Leandro HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Health and labor market effects of an unanticipated rise in retirement age. Evidence from the 2012 Italian pension reform 1-gen-2023 Serrano-Alarcon, Manuel; Ardito, Chiara; Leombruni, Roberto; Kentikelenis, Alexander; D'Errico, Angelo; Odone, Anna; Costa, Giuseppe; Stuckler, David; Iwgrh, Italian Working Group on Retirement and Health HEALTH ECONOMICS -
How real can we get in generating real world evidence? Exploring the opportunities of routinely collected administrative data for evaluation of medical devices 1-gen-2022 Pongiglione, Benedetta; Torbica, Aleksandra HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on mental health: evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in England and Scotland 1-gen-2022 Serrano-Alarcon, Manuel; Kentikelenis, Alexander; Mckee, Martin; Stuckler, David HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Implementation of coverage with evidence development schemes for medical devices: a decision tool for late technology adopter countries 1-gen-2022 Kovacs, Sandor; Kalo, Zoltán; Daubner-Bendes, Rita; Kolasa, Katarzyna; Hren, Rok; Tesar, Tomas; Reckers-Droog, Vivian; Brouwer, Werner; Federici, Carlo; Drummond, Mike; Zemplenyi, Antal Tamás HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Improving the methods for the economic evaluation of medical devices 1-gen-2017 Tarricone, Rosanna; Callea, Giuditta; Ogorevc, Marko; Rupel, Valentina Prevolnik HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Introduction of a national minimum wage reduced depressive symptoms in low-wage workers: a quasi-natural experiment in the UK 1-gen-2017 Reeves, Aaron; Mckee, Martin; Mackenbach, Johan; Whitehead, Margaret; Stuckler, David HEALTH ECONOMICS -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 32
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